How You Can Help

By donating yarn (Red Heart Supersaver) you will be part of the program, since volunteers will craft blankets using your donations.

By donating funds you will be part of the program, since money is needed to purchase yarn and wrapping paper.

By donating your time you will be part of a group of people who are crafting blankets for seriously ill children. Blankets should be at least 32 X 32 and may be larger. You can use the suggested pattern on our website, but feel free to make any pattern of your choice. Children come in all sizes therefore blankets can be made in all sizes.

 Any of the above donations makes you an important part of the group of concerned individuals who are giving love and support to children undergoing cancer treatments.

What do I do with my blanket?

When you finish your blanket just call us at 516-797-2250 or e-mail tamabak9@aol.com and arrangements will be made to either have your blanket picked up, or you will be given a convenient place to drop it off, if you live locally or we can provide you with an address where the blankets can be mailed.

Your blanket will be beautifully wrapped and delivered to one of the many hospitals we serve. Some of the hospitals are: Sloan Kettering, Yale/New Haven, Schneider Children´s Hospital(LIJ). Winthrop Hospital, and many others in New York City, New Jersey, and Massachusetts General and Dana Farber in Boston. The more blankets, the more hospitals we can serve. There is no limit. It is up to you!

If you'd like to make a donation please send to:
We Care Blankets
C/O Tamara Baker
1407 Bucknell Dr
Massapequa, NY 11758