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2008 Woman of Distinction

Anna Kaplan


Anna is one of the key volunteers for the “We Care Blankets” organization.


“We Care Blankets” provides hand-made blankets to children in area hospitals.  Approximately 150 of these hand-made blankets are packaged and delivered to area hospitals about every six weeks.


Anna is instrumental in organizing over 30 volunteers at “wrap” sessions to ensure that the blankets are bundled and delivered efficiently.  Without Anna as one of the guiding forces for “We Care Blankets” they surely would have a more difficult time accomplishing their generous and caring task.


For her volunteer efforts on behalf of the sick children in our communities, Anna has set herself apart as a Woman of Distinction. 



2009 Woman of Distinction

Rose Mirabella


Rose is one of the founders and motivating forces behind “We Care Blankets.”  “We Care Blankets” is an organization that provides handmade blankets to children suffering from cancer.


Rose works at “wrap nights,” where all of the blankets are prepared for delivery, making sure all the blankets are tagged with the name of the proper donor and crafter.  As many as 200 blankets are prepared at these “wrap nights.”  Rose also shops for and provides yarn to the volunteer crafters.


Rose, always with a smiling face, is a fantastic organizer for this great organization.



2009 Woman of Distinction

Tamara Baker


Tamara’s family and her community have always been her first career.  While raising her children, she served as Vice President of the Civic Association in her community and volunteered to teach preschool in the Lindenhurst School District.  When her three daughters expressed interest in the Girl Scouts, Tamara became a Girl Scout Leader, serving for 12 years.  As her son became the age for scouting, she became a Boy Scout Leader, while also raising funds for the troop.


Ten years ago, Tamara came to live in the town of Oyster Bay.  While sitting in a doctor’s office, she met and played with children undergoing cancer treatment.  Having been extremely touched by these children and their illness, she looked for a way to help them.  From deep inside her, came the idea for blankets, thus beginning We Care Blankets. Starting small, Tamara and several volunteer crafters crocheted and delivered blankets to a local hospital.  As word spread, many more crafters volunteered their talents, and before long, We Care Blankets was delivering to 23 hospitals throughout the United States.  


A member of the Long Island Knitting and Crochet Guild, Tamara and other crafters create sweaters, booties and blankets for newborns in need of clothing to wear home.  Currently, these items are sent to 5 hospital nurseries.


Tamara’s family has learned the beauty of helping others as well.  Her daughters and granddaughters have donated their hair for wigs, fundraise for Harvard Hospital Pediatric Cancer Unit by participating in a 100 mile bike ride, and wrapped and delivered the blankets that We Care Blankets so lovingly created.


Currently residing in Massapequa, Tamara’s hope is that cancer will be eradicated and We Care Blankets can crochet blankets for healthy newborns departing the hospital.  Tamara has distinguished herself among her peers and has truly earned the title of a Woman of Distinction.