We Care Blankets ™


We Care Blankets ™ started in 1999 by a few people who realized the time of treatment for children undergoing chemotherapy was difficult and challenging for them and their families.


During treatment, many children are cold. The founders of We Care Blankets ™ knew that a hand made, colorful blanket would be a wonderful gift to give to each child. That´s how the organization began.


Initially funded by a physician, the organization now is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 status and previously received grant money and donations in order to carry out its purpose.


Mission: That every child who is undergoing cancer treatment will be given a handcrafted blanket.

Donated funds are essential in order to continue the goal of We Care Blankets ™ .


Don´t wait.... Knit or Crochet a blanket now.


The blanket you make will be a gift of your love and support not only for the child, but for the family as well. We Care Blankets ™ and the hospitals would like to thank you personally. Therefore please include your name and address on each blanket. If you prefer you may remain anonymous.


Your blankets will be beautifully wrapped by a volunteer at our blanket wrap. Then it will be delivered to one of the many hospitals we serve.


You will be pleased to know that you have helped a child during this difficult time.


Watch a video about We Care Blankets ™ and our monthly Blanket Wraps





We Care Blankets is now international! 


We Care Blankets visit to Laniado Sanz Hospital in Netanya, Israel spreading love and warmth to children of the world. Inspiring Medical Center doing great work.










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